Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today -100: October 16, 1912: Of bloody expectoration, expressions of horror, and war automobiles

Roosevelt seems to be doing well despite the whole shot-in-the-chest thing. “The bulletin stated that there had been no bloody expectoration”.

John Schrank pleads guilty to “assault with intent to kill and murder.” The DA who will prosecute him is a Socialist.

Woodrow Wilson will cut short his campaigning out of respect for Roosevelt, until whenever the Colonel can resume his own campaigning. He has a sore throat anyway.

President Taft issues a statement: “I cannot withhold an expression of horror at the act of the maniac who attempted to assassinate Col. Roosevelt.” He calls for severe enforcement of the laws against carrying concealed weapons.

Turkey and Italy sign a peace protocol in their year-old war. The story is datelined from Ouchy. Under it, the Ottoman sultan will issue a decree proclaiming autonomy for the provinces we now call Libya, and Italy will issue its own decree, ending that autonomy. This means that Turkey doesn’t have to acknowledge Italy’s right of conquest. Italy will pay compensation, and the Ottoman sultan continues as caliph of the Muslims of Libya.

This means that Turkey can now bring its fleet to bear against the Balkan League.

All the belligerents in the Balkan War are trying to buy German airplanes and... war automobiles.

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