Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today -100: October 23, 1912: Of gambling, order, millet & red pepper, and moosettes

Wilson’s running mate, Gov. Marshall of Indiana, sends the state National Guard, with fixed bayonets, to occupy the Mineral Springs race track to prevent gambling.

US forces will “keep order” during the Nicaraguan elections.

The Daily Telegraph (UK) claims that the Sultan of Turkey, before the First Balkan War began, sent a sack of millet to the king of Bulgaria, with a note that there are as many Turkish soldiers as grains of millet; “Now if you wish, declare war.” King Ferdinand responded with a bag of red pepper, with a note saying that Bulgarians are not numerous, but like the pepper they will fuck your shit up.

I paraphrase.

Word of the Day -100: “Moosette,” a new coinage, near as I can tell, which the NYT is so happy with it uses twice today.

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