Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Today -100: October 9, 1912: Of Balkan wars, Mongols, and deader languages

And we’re off: war, specifically the First Balkan War, is declared by Montenegro on the Ottoman Empire. At this time it is not known whether Montenegro acted in conjunction with its Balkan League allies. Since Montenegro is the aggressor, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece aren’t obligated by the defensive treaty to join in the fun. But they will, of course. The attempted intervention of the Great Powers seems, if anything, to have sped up the rush to war, as the League moves to forestall diplomacy.

There are reports that Bulgarians, led by police, massacred ethnic Turks in Turtukai.

The London Times claims that the Chinese army has killed 10,000 Mongols. Will we ever hear another word about this?

End of the World As We Know It News: the new vice-chancellor of Oxford University, Charles Buller Heberden, addressed the convocation in English rather than Latin.

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