Friday, February 14, 2014

Today -100: February 14, 1914: Of vice admirals (or is the plural vices admiral?)(no, no it isn’t), deportations, riots, racist land bills, and racist immigration commissioners

Sen. Thomas Gore (D-OK)’s lawyer introduces (pretty convincing) evidence that the sexual assault lawsuit against him is a trumped-up conspiracy on the part of several disappointed seekers of federal patronage jobs.

At the White House’s request, the Senate votes to create the new rank of “vice admiral” in the Navy, above rear admiral and below admiral admiral. Evidently the worry is that if a multi-national force is sent to occupy Mexico City, a British vice admiral would outrank the American rear admiral in command at Vera Cruz.

South African Prime Minister Botha says that if he hadn’t illegally deported union leaders without a trial, SA would have been plunged into a reign of arson and murder. He accuses the British Labour Party of leading the movement to urge natives to rise up. If only.

Tax riots in Tokyo are dispersed by police with sabers, opposition newspapers are suppressed and their editors arrested.

A anti-alien land bill modeled after California’s and, like it, aimed at Japanese immigrants, fails in South Carolina’s Legislature.

Anthony Caminetti, US Commissioner-General of Immigration, tells the House Immigration Committee that Japanese laborers (or “Japs” as he insists on referring to them) are “a menace to the entire country” and he wants all Asiatics including Hindus banned. He says most lower-class Hindus and Chinese have dangerous diseases.

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