Thursday, February 06, 2014

Today -100: February 6, 1914: Of Orestes, tolls, moral turpitude, and planes

Huh, so the revolution/putsch in Haiti will replace Pres. Michael Oreste with Oreste Zamor, probably so they don’t have to throw out all the stationery. Sen. Davilmar Theodore has also declared himself president, although it will take (spoiler alert) another coup later in the year to make this come true.

Pres. Wilson says he favors repeal of the toll exemption for American ships going through the Panama Canal.

“Boss” Murphy says he will be boss of Tammany for life. And he’s right.

British music hall star Marie Lloyd crosses from the US into Canada for a gig and on return is AGAIN barred for moral turpitude. And she’s not even moral turpituding any more: since her arrival with boyfriend Bernard Dillon last year, her husband died and she married Dillon.

Mexican rebels seize Mazatlan, their first port. Also, the rebels plan to take advantage of the lifting of the US arms embargo and buy some airplanes. Aerial warfare, just what was missing from this revolution.

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