Friday, February 28, 2014

Today -100: February 28, 1914: Of CSI Chihuahua, Texas Rangers, women’s parliaments, rivers, and talking horses

Pancho Villa gives in, partly, on William Benton. He will allow a party consisting of two Americans, two Brits, two doctors and Benton’s widow to examine his body (which for some reason was buried 300 miles away from where he was murdered/executed)(or he’s lying about that too, because Chihuahua is much harder to get to than Juarez). Villa will not, however, return the body to his widow.

Constitutionalist leader Carranza, increasingly worried by Pancho Villa’s independence, cracks the whip and gets Villa to say that he will stop all his negotiating with foreign powers.

The US demands that the Mexican government (which it doesn’t recognize) punish the Federal soldiers who hanged Clemente Vergara.

Texas Gov. Oscar Branch Colquitt writes to Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan to clarify his intentions: “I do not want to invade Mexico with a military force”, i.e., the state militia. He just wants to send Texas Rangers into Mexico “in pursuit of those who are constantly transgressing our laws.” The reason he asked the State Dept who it recognizes as the legitimate government of Mexico was that he wants to know where to send requests for the return of fugitives who have escaped, as was the custom, across the border (US border states like Texas were allowed to request extraditions from Mexican border states without going through the federal government).

Gen. Chao Ping-chun, former Chinese premier and current Governor of Chi-li, dies, but was he poisoned?

British novelist and anti-suffragist Mrs. Humphry Ward will form an unofficial “women’s parliament” to advise the government on matters affecting women, because that’s totally better than women having the vote.

There’s a revolution, or something, going on in Portugal. Arising from a railroad strike.

Headline of the Day -100: “Roosevelt Finds a River.” A tributary of the Amazon. Now called Roosevelt River.

Animal Headline of the Day -100: “LIBELED BY A HORSE.; Spinster Sues Because Talking Animal Said She Was in Love” In Germany. And it all leads to a shooting (but not of the horse), because of course it does.

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