Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today -100: February 27, 1914: I must protect property and, if possible, life

Texas Gov. Oscar Branch Colquitt asks the federal government who it recognizes as the constituted authority in Mexico, following the seizure and execution by Mexican federal forces of a Texan rancher, Clemente Vergara, on an island in the Rio Grande claimed by both the US and Mexico. Just as William Benton was killed by Villa when he complained about rebels stealing his cattle, Vergara was killed by the government when he complained about its troops stealing his horses. Gov. Colquitt wants permission to send Texas Rangers across the border to pursue lawless elements of either Mexican faction if they commit crimes inside Texas. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan telephones him to tell him no and also hell no.

Ethel Moorhead, a Scottish suffragette and prospective arsonist, is forcibly fed in a Scottish prison, the first time forcible feeding has been performed north of the border. She would claim that it was done by young students from the local asylum. The Edinburgh WSPU questions the medical prison commissioner, who says “I must protect property and, if possible, life” by keeping Moorhead inside prison or (at least this is what she says he told her) until she was reduced to a physical wreck, unable to do anything militanty.

Suffragettes burn a church in Whitekirk, Scotland, which was built in 1297.

In Metz, Germany, two lieutenants of the 98th Infantry fight a duel after one flirted with the other’s wife. The interesting thing is that a military court of honor, which I assume is not an official thing, ordered them to fight the duel, and that it be to the death. Which it was. The husband died.

Orville Wright bitches about his difficulties in enforcing his patent. He says in future he will demand 20% of the selling price of all airplanes.

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