Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Today -100: February 5, 1914: Of coups, divorce, good relations, and trans-Atlantic flights

There’s a sudden coup in Peru, which rhymes. Pres. Guillermo Billinghurst (yes, really) is taken prisoner and the prime minister/minister of war is killed. Congress has been threatening to impeach Billinghurst and he’s been threatening to dissolve Congress, claiming it was elected illegally, which is about all I know about that.

Sen. Joseph Ransdell (D-Louisiana) proposes a constitutional amendment banning remarriage by divorced people.

German Foreign Minister Gottlieb von Jagow says that Anglo-German relations are “very good.” Phew. Or, as the Germans probably spell it, pfew.

A plane is being built which is supposedly capable of making the first trans-Atlantic flight. Its wing-span will be 80 feet and it will have a 200-horsepower engine. It will make the attempt in summer unless other events, you know, intervene.

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