Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today -100: February 18, 1914: Of totally fair trials and bandits

The Georgia Supreme Court denies Leo Frank a new trial in the murder of Mary Phagan. It says that all the crowds outside the courtroom calling for the Jew to be executed didn’t influence the jury.

Maximo Castillo, the Mexican bandit who killed those 55 people on the train, is captured, along with six of his men (a later story describes them as his brother, his trumpeter and his trumpeter’s wife, because of course he had a trumpeter, and two Indian women.) So I guess he wasn’t actually captured the last time his capture was announced. This time, he’s captured by American troops (a negro cavalry regiment) in New Mexico. Should be interesting, since he committed no crime in the US and surely can’t be extradited into the hands of the Mexican rebels. Oh, and he says it wasn’t him, it was Pancho Villa’s men who were responsible for the Cumbre Tunnel fire.

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