Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are you gay?

So a few days ago this exchange took place at a bbq joint in Austin:
Cashier: “Equal rights for gay people!”
Obama: “Are you gay?”
Cashier: “Only when I’m having sex!”
Obama: “Not in front of the kids!”
Why on earth would Obama ask that?  If I had the energy, I could work up an essay about how that exchange contains everything that’s wrong with Obama’s approach to civil rights, including his willingness to let non-profits dictate the reproductive health care of their female employees.

I very much like the guy’s response: being gay is not relevant to his rights or to his support of gay rights.  Obama, like every other fucking politician, seems to consider gay rights, women’s rights, etc as special interests, the province of the people in those groups, rather than matters of principle, part of building a just society, and therefore in everyone’s interests.

Also, dude, when you ask someone about their sexual preference, don’t be so shocked when they mention, you know, sex.

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