Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today -100: July 19, 1914: Of French pants, unamiable moods, kicks, best ruffians, and unclean and offensive ditties

The French Army is dropping its pants. Specifically, the traditional red trousers, which it will change for gray-blue ones.

A bank president tries to attack South Carolina Gov. Coleman Blease, who had just called him a coward in a campaign speech.

Huerta, who is said to have indigestion and to be in an “unamiable mood,” still hasn’t left the country, but is said to be waiting for more of his cronies to arrive in Puerto Mexico.

The US says it won’t recognize as valid any concessions for natural resource extraction granted by Huerta, or foreign loans contracted by him after he dissolved Congress last October.

Mexican Fake President Francisco Carbajal orders troops to fall back and avoid fighting the rebel forces. And orders the practice of shooting prisoners of war and political prisoners ended. And orders the replacement of the statue of George Washington which was pulled down in April.

And generals Orozco and Cardenas, who played key roles in the overthrow of Madero’s government and his murder, respectively, are starting a new revolutionary movement. Mexico has too many fucking generals for its own good.

Headline of the Day -100: “DYING, HE TOOK REVENGE.; Frank Sharp Stabbed Man Whose Kick Caused Tuberculosis.”

Headline That Can and Indeed Should Be Read In A Different Way Than the Los Angeles Times Intended of the Day -100: “Police Best Ruffians, Who Attack in Force.”

Madame Caillaux’s trial is due to start, and seats are being sold for up to $200 (but no women will be allowed to spectate, except as journalists).

Letter to the Times of the Day -100: A Mrs. W. Williams writes to denounce the singing of “unclean and offensive ditties” and to praise the director of the Palace Theatre for banning “Who Paid the Rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?” (which you can find on YouTube, but you really shouldn’t bother).

Edward, Prince of Wales (age 20) really wants to meet American women. Queen Mary really wants him not to meet American women. He recently cancelled a visit to one country house after his mother struck the names of two American women from the guest list. This is the future Edward VIII we’re talking about, so, well, yeah.

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