Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today -100: July 12, 1914: If it be not peace with honour, well then it must be war with honour

Sir Edward Carson tells a meeting of the Central Antrim Volunteers, “If it be not peace with honour, well then it must be war with honour, because there is no alternative.” In fact, despite the typically fiery rhetoric, Carson is relatively calm compared to some of his Unionist compatriots, who want to force the issue by starting a riot, which the army would then decline to suppress, forcing the government to resign and call new elections. Yup, that’s a plan.

A stream of Huerta loyalists are leaving Mexico, not fleeing the imminent collapse of his regime, oh no, they’ve been assigned very important jobs. Esteva Ruiz, for example, the acting foreign minister until yesterday, will be going to Europe to try to raise money for the junta and then on a tour of the ABC countries to thank them for their mediation services. And I’m sure Gen. Maass and the others also have vital work of an unspecified nature out of the country.

Rumor (?) of the Day -100: Huerta has 230 people, mostly government officials, executed.

Austria ends its ban on the Canadian Pacific Railway recruiting emigrants, evidently feeling it won’t need so big an army after all (incidentally, of the European powers, Austria’s military is the second smallest on a per capita basis, after Italy).

Pastor Korber of Zenen, Switzerland is fined for using abusive language, specifically calling his congregation a “miserable band of pigs.”

The memorial meeting for the anarchists who died in that bomb explosion is held in Union Square. The police had banned any parade and ordered that the urns not be displayed. Some fiery speeches are given, with some flat-out saying that dynamite is the answer to society’s problems, while others claim the anarchists were actually murdered by agents of John D. Rockefeller.

In addition to taking the fingerprints of suspects, Berlin police are now x-raying their hands, because they think they can be used for identification purposes.

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