Friday, July 18, 2014

Today -100: July 18, 1914: I have paid – it has cost me the presidency

Members of the old Mexican Congress elected under Madero, which was forcibly dissolved by Huerta, are objecting to the claim in his resignation statement that he took power because the country needed him to do so, and that the Congress had agreed with him.

Huerta tells reporters, “When I assumed the presidency I said publicly that I would restore peace, cost what it might. I have paid – it has cost me the presidency.” He says he’ll be going to Europe “and there I will stay until my country needs my sword sufficiently to call upon me.” (Spoiler alert: it won’t).

British Home Secretary Reginald McKenna offers a deal to Sylvia Pankhurst: he’ll remit the rest of her prison sentence if she stops committing or inciting criminal acts.

At the National Portrait Gallery in London, a suffragette slashes Millais’s portrait of Thomas Carlyle with a butcher’s cleaver.

Rep. Samuel Andrew Witherspoon (D-Georgia) returns four days’ salary, because he was out of town on business and not congressing. This never ever happens. (Update: this actually happened in 1911. We’re just finding out now because he did it on the down low to avoid embarrassing his colleagues.)

Headline of the Day -100: “Roosevelt Cuts Grass.”

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David Chappell said...

OK, what was he cutting it with? Tea leaves?