Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today -100: July 13, 1914: Of supremes, boynes, fires, no vote no rent, rubber balls, and lynchings

Supreme Court Justice Horace Harmon Lurton dies. There’s some talk of Wilson picking Taft to replace him, which isn’t entirely ridiculous, although (spoiler alert) it won’t happen: Lurton himself was a Democrat nominated by a Republican president, Taft.

July 12 comes off in Northern Ireland without the usual brawling, presumably because everyone’s armed this year.

British suffragette militants have set fire to a railway station near Leicester and attempted to blow up the Church of St John the Evangelist (there’s more than one way to evangelize, I guess).

Sylvia Pankhurst, working in the East End of London, advocates “no vote, no rent.”

Olive Walker, a Dundee suffragette, throws a small rubber ball into the royal carriage in Edinburgh, with a message about forcible feeding attached to it. It lands in Queen Mary’s lap.

Women in Kansas are failing to register to vote, and no one knows why.

A black woman is lynched in Elloree, South Carolina. She had killed a 12-year-old girl.

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