Sunday, July 06, 2014

Today -100: July 6, 1914: Of devil’s work, conspicuous silence, the vortex of anarchy, and mock elections

In St Paul’s Cathedral, the Bishop of London calls suffragette militancy “devil’s work.”

Rear Admiral William Southerland has reached the mandatory retirement age of 62; he is the last remaining member of the active service to have served during the Civil War, presumably before his voice broke.

A Dr. Daniel Martin notes that Theodore Roosevelt has expressed opinions on pretty much everything but “is conspicuously silent on the subject of prohibition”.

The NYT says that the IWW bomb explosion at 1626 Lexington proves that “Whatever may first draw weak men and women into the vortex of anarchy, there is no doubt that, once in, murder becomes a part of their creed.” (Related: Headline of the Day -100: “Find Berg’s Body in Bomb Wreckage. Head and Feet Blown Off and the Trunk Pinned to the Wall by a Pile of Debris.” Front page, above the fold. Wow.)

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand left his children only $400,000, so some of his castles may have to be sold off.

The NAACP will challenge Louisville, Kentucky’s new law establishing racial segregation in housing.

Mexican elections. The NYT correspondent checks out the polling booths in Mexico City and finds that almost no one has shown up. The largest parties (Catholics, Liberals) boycotted, or at least failed to put up any candidates.

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  1. What happened to AFF's insurance money? That should have been enough to maintain the odd castle or two.

  2. Yes, the stories are inconsistent. Anyway, before the "royal orphans" reached legal adulthood, Czechoslovakia was created and it decided to confiscate the castles. The grandkids are still trying to get them back.