Friday, November 14, 2014

The return of In Other Words

George Bush is interviewed by NPR, because of course he is. He mostly talked in other words about the book he totally wrote all by himself about his father.

IN OTHER WORDS: “He had a strategy to deal with Saddam Hussein. And then when he said, this will not stand, he meant it. In other words, he understood that when a president speaks, he’s got to mean what he says.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “We both went to the United Nations to get a resolution. In other words, this wasn’t a unilateral American action.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “It was more complex because this decision was made in a post-9/11 world. In other words, the removal of Saddam from Kuwait was definitely in our national interest. But it didn’t necessarily mean that the United States’s homeland would be threatened or not threatened depending upon his actions.” No, it didn’t necessarily mean that. I think. Wait, what did you say?

WHAT GEORGE CAN UNDERSTAND (NOT GRAMMAR. NEVER GRAMMAR): “I can understand the comparisons between he and me.”

WHAT GEORGE COULD ENVISION: it was totally necessary to invade Iraq because “one could envision a nuclear arms race between Iran and Iraq.”

A BETTER SHOT: “And I would argue that the people of Iraq have a better shot at living in a peaceful state.” They certainly have enough ammunition.

GREENE: I guess I just wonder broadly what you tell Americans who look at the chaos today and link it back to your decision to invade in 2003. And...
BUSH: I just say the condition elsewhere matters to the security of the United States, and we cannot become isolationists.

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  1. I thought of this blog while listening to the blather. The part that irked me the most was when he spoke of "his Iraq" vs. his fathers and wrote "We both care deeply about the plight of the, you know, citizens in the region."

    Ugh. I don't know what the death total of Iraqi civilians was as a result of economic sanctions and wars, but I know that it doesn't line up with caring deeply about the citizens in the region. They certainly aren't as valuable as the "3,000 people on our soil" that were killed.

  2. I'm sure he cares just as deeply as he thinks.

  3. Well if you excerpts reflect the general writing style of the book, I certainly hope he didn't pay a ghost writer.

  4. Unfortunately, you can't pay someone to ghost-speak your radio interviews for you.

  5. He really IS that stupid, isn't he? I mean, I always argue with liberal friends that he could not have been that stupid, but...