Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today -100: November 19, 1914: Three hundred miles of cannon spoke

A committee of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) submits a report in favor of the restrictive immigration bill (including literacy tests) pending before Congress.  It says that the European war will be followed by mass migration from the affected countries, but those governments will offer inducements to the fit to stay and aid in restoration while encouraging those crippled by the war – “these bits of wreckage” – to emigrate to America.

Carranza moves his capital from Mexico City to Orizaba.  The other president of Mexico, Eulalio GutiĆ©rrez, is rumored to have been put in jail by Pancho Villa for approving the idea of Villa and Carranza going into exile.

Turkish forces in Smyrna shoot at a US Navy launch (which was flying the US flag) from the cruiser Tennessee.

German troops have reportedly captured the governor of Warsaw (Russian Poland).  He is being confined in the “best hotel” in Gnesen.

Germany is trying to forcibly recruit Belgian Civil Guards into its war with Russia.  They are resisting, hiding, and attempting to escape into Holland.

Fog of War (Rumors, Propaganda and Just Plain Bullshit) of the Day -100: Even the overly credulous NYT doesn’t really believe this one: A Cossack general named Arintinoff captured Czernowitz, in Austrian Poland, and told the town rulers that, following the Austrian example in Kaminez Podolski, he wanted 600,000 rubles in gold and silver (reduced, after much begging, to 300,000) by the next day or he will blast the city.  So they milked every last peasant (the rich people having already fled town), collecting trinkets, jewelry, menorahs, church ornaments etc, and just managed to raise it by the deadline, whereupon the general told them to take it back, he just wanted to show them what it’s like.

A little light googling doesn’t show up a Gen. Arintinoff or Arintinov or Rintintinoff, except for this tale.

Rudyard Kipling shits out a poem in praise of the late Lord Roberts:
He passed in the very battle-smoke
Of the war he had descried.
Three hundred miles of cannon spoke
When the Master Gunner died.  Etc.

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