Thursday, November 06, 2014

Today -100: November 6, 1914: Of declarations of war, cypruses, dead klucks, and Ostendais

Britain and France declare war on Turkey (actually, France says that Turkey created the state of war by attacking a French steamer, I guess at Odessa, without immediately making amends by firing all the Germans in its army and navy as a way to disclaim responsibility for the act).

Britain annexes Cyprus.

France, Britain and Russia all having large numbers of Muslim subjects, there’s some concern about unrest in sympathy with the Ottoman Empire, although they’re all pretending not to worry.  Britain issues a proclamation – in India, which included what is now Pakistan – promising not to molest – is that really the exact word they used? – Muslim holy sites in the Middle East.

Death Rumor of the Day -100: The French newspaper Excelsior says that German Gen. Alexander von Kluck died 10 days ago, and they’ve been covering it up.  Nope.

Ostend, Belgium is about to come under artillery attack, and the Ostendais have been ordered (by whom?) to hide in their cellars for the next five days.

Ostendais: that’s what people in Ostend call themselves.  Now you know.

Someone from the Christian Science Committee on Publication feels obligated to write the NYT a letter denying that Gen. Moltke, former head of the German General Staff, is a Christian Scientist.

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