Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today -100: November 16, 1914: Of foxes, censorship, flügels, uriahs, fortresses, and Masonic conspiracies

First World War Problems: the war is seriously interfering with fox hunting in England.

All train passengers heading from London to the Continent will be searched for spy stuff.

The Daily Chronicle (UK) complains again about military censorship.  Germany has accredited war correspondents and “If Germans die in the performance of a heroic exploit, they do not die unheard of, unhonored, and unsung, as with rare exceptions their British and French opponents do.  In this way the martial enthusiasm of the nation is kept at the highest pitch.”  But the French War Office’s “policy it has been to hound down British correspondents in France like vermin and treat them as if they were worse than spies.”  And the British government has taken to seizing reporters’ passports.  The Chronicle claims Germany treats reporters from neutral countries very hospitably, but NYT correspondents report frequently being arrested as suspected spies.

Headline of the Day -100:  “Worry Over War Kills Dr. Fluegel.”  Worst Dr. Seuss book ever.  Ewald Flügel was chair of the Stanford English Philology Dept, working on a massive project to create a concordance to Chaucer’s work.  And he was worried about the war.

Also dead: Uriah Hill, a retired stove manufacturer.  Nothing noteworthy, but you just don’t see many Uriahs anymore.

Russia is imposing financial penalties on East Prussian towns, just like Germany does in Belgium.  The German military authorities have ordered East Prussians to flee and leave nothing behind that the Russian troops can use, bringing their flocks with them and burning their homes.

Exotic-As-Hell Headline of the Day -100:  “Indians Take Turkish Fortress in Arabia.”

Cardinal O’Connell of Boston blames the disorder in Mexico on a “Masonic conspiracy.”

Masonic conspirator Carranza offers to turn control of the military over to Masonic conspirator Gutierrez and go into exile in Cuba – provided that Masonic conspirator Villa does the same, on the same date.

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