Sunday, November 30, 2014

Today -100: November 30, 1914: Love, not dreadnoughts and siege guns, will bring peace to warring Europe

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle says that Sir Roger Casement must have gone literally insane, probably from all that time in the tropics, to have gone to Berlin to negotiate.  The Irish nationalists repudiate Casement.

Woodrow Wilson is going ahead with his plan to settle the Colorado coal strike, even though the mineowners rejected it.  He appoints a commission to settle future differences (or, as the bitterly anti-union LA Times puts it, “President Vents Spite”).  Not that he can force anyone to listen to the commission, so I’m not sure what he thinks he’s accomplishing.

Gen. Pablo Gonzales is reported to have declared himself provisional president of Mexico, because Mexico definitely needed a third one of those.  Can’t have enough provisional presidents, I always say.

The commander of the United States Naval Training Station in Rhode Island bans the song “Tipperary” because it violates Woodrow Wilson’s neutrality order.

Speaking of violating neutrality, Today -100’s Headline of the Day: “Mr. Bryan Evades Embrace. He Had Just Predicted Love Would Bring Peace to Europe.”  A young woman who claimed to be his cousin, but wasn’t, tries to hug him.  There’s never a cameraphone around in 1914 when you need it.

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