Thursday, November 13, 2014

Today -100: November 13, 1914: Before the leaves have fallen from the trees

Berlin: Censorship to repress any news of the Russian invasion of East Prussia doesn’t really work if your city is filling up with refugees.

A guy told a guy who told a NYT correspondent that Kaiser Wilhelm, visiting a field hospital, told soldiers, “Mark my word, there will be peace before the leaves have fallen from the trees.”

Russia claims that Armenians are gleefully welcoming Russian troops and even joining them.  Which a few certainly are doing, but this Russian  propaganda plays into the pre-genocidal all-Armenians-are-traitors propaganda that the Turkish government is already beginning to ramp up.  Also, it will soon be clear that the move into Armenia was more of a feint by a single army corps than a real invasion, so any Armenians who did gleefully welcome Russian troops would be kind of screwed.

Japan is upset at California’s re-election of Gov. Hiram Johnson and the election of still more racist legislators.  They fear new legislation will prevent Japanese not just owning land in California as at present, but leasing it.

Headline of the Day -100:  “President Resents Negro’s Criticism”  (Alternate headline, in the LA Times: “Wilson and a Negro Clash in White House”).  The critical negro is William Monroe Trotter of the small National Equal Rights League and the criticism is over Wilson’s segregation of federal offices.  Wilson repeatedly insists that segregation, which was of course implemented for the comfort and in the best interests of negroes, is not a political issue.  Trotter promises united negro opposition to the Democrats in 1916 and expresses disappointment in Wilson, who says he’s never been so insulted in his life, and that mentioning votes is a form of blackmail, finally ordering Trotter out, saying that if the NERL ever came to the White House again, it had better be without Trotter.  The next day, various negroes sent telegrams to the White House disavowing Trotter, and the White House trumpeted its great support of black federal employees: why, two negro messengers have been advanced to clerkships!  Two of them!  One of whom had only been waiting for a promotion for 45 years.

Headline of the Day -100:  “Disobeyed His Orders, Killed 600 Germans.”  A French gunner, so it’s okay.

Headline of the Day -100 (Chicago Tribune):  “Sneeze Powder Kills Man.”  In a New York streetcar. James C. Allan, 78, one-time Greenback-Labor Party candidate for lieutenant-governor.

Headline of the Day -100:  “Kaiser Clips Ends off His Mustache.”  The London Standard claims this has brought home to Germans that they are losing the war.

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