Friday, March 11, 2016

Today -100: March 11, 1916: With scrupulous respect for the sovereignty of that republic

The US will send 5,000 troops into Mexico to go after Villa. Carranza, hoping to pre-empt them, sends 1,200. Pres. Wilson says his raid into Mexico will be done “in entirely friendly aid of the constituted authorities in Mexico and with scrupulous respect for the sovereignty of that republic,” except for the sending in troops without asking permission thing.

Villa is said to be heading towards a Mormon settlement at Casas Grandes in Chihuahua State, evidently planning to oust the Mormons and take their shit.

Congress may have decided not to warn US citizens against traveling on armed belligerent merchant ships, but Rep. John Carew (D-Manhattan) uses his congressional franking privileges to send a warning letter to 22,000 of his constituents. He admits it is their right to do so, but it would be a “treasonable disregard of the supreme patriotic duty every man owes his country, never to imperil her peace and happiness.”

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