Friday, March 04, 2016

Today -100: March 4, 1916: Of votes against America and Verdun heroes

An unnamed Wilson administration official says that a vote for the congressional resolutions warning Americans against traveling on armed belligerent merchant ships is “a vote against America.” Sen. Thomas Gore (D-Oklahoma) reverses the phrasing of his resolution, turning it into a slight parody of Wilson’s position (a move you could see his grandson Gore Vidal making): “Resolved, That the sinking by a submarine without notice or warning of armed merchant vessels of her public enemy, resulting in the death of a citizen of the United States, would constitute a just and sufficient cause of war between the United States and the German Empire.” The Senate votes to table it, 68 (49 D’s, 19 R’s) to 14 (2 D’s, 12 R’s). Wesley Jones (R-Washington) withdraws his own resolution, pissed that Senate debate is being stifled by tabling motions. Jones thinks a question that might lead to war should be, you know, discussed.

Headline of the Day -100:

No doubt the name Philippe P├ętain will forever resound in the hall of heroes of the French nation.

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