Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today -100: March 15, 1916: Pancho Villa’s Great Victory of 1916

Woodrow Wilson declares that the United States is neutral in the war between Germany and Portugal. Just in case anyone was wondering.

7 past presidents of the American Bar Association object to the nomination of Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court – including Elihu Root and William Howard Taft.

Jewish groups are opposing a proposed New York law requiring the reading of Bible verses in public schools. Sen. William Greiner (D-Erie County), whose bill this is, denies that he proposed it on behalf of an anti-Catholic group; it was in fact Divine inspiration.

The NY Assembly passes a bill to create a municipal marriage bureau in NYC to perform marriages at $2 a pop (so to speak). This will break the back of the “Marriage Trust,” which was three guys who hung out in the municipal building, one of whom signed marriage certificates as the Commissioner of Deeds, which he is not, and stamped a big official-looking-but-not-actually-official red seal on it, for up to $5. The ceremony was then performed by Alderman “Happy Jack” Reardon, who is not legally allowed to charge a fee, but does. They were ousted from the muni building last year, but opened their own chapel nearby.

A Spanish-language newspaper in Durango says that Pancho Villa has captured the states of Texas and New Mexico and that Woodrow Wilson has fled to Canada.

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