Sunday, March 06, 2016

Today -100: March 6, 1916: Think of love when not between Huns

The new group Friends of Irish Freedom holds its first convention, in New York City. Its delegates claim to represent 90% of all Irish-Americans. They warn the US against trusting perfidious Albion. Perfidious is a word you just don’t hear often enough these days. Several of the (many) speakers speak admiringly of Germany, or at least of Germany’s ability to bring England low.

Obit of the Day -100: Masuji Miyakawa, lawyer, lecturer and author, the first (and only) Japanese person admitted to the bar in the United States after immigrating in his 20s. He won a case in the California Supreme Court overturning the San Francisco School Board’s ban on Japanese children in public schools. Which for some reason the LA Times fails to mention in its obituary.

The third issue of the Wipers Times is out, a bit late, with apologies – shelling damaged their printing press.
“We hear that the war (to which we alluded guardedly in our first number), is proceeding satisfactorily, and we hope shortly to be able to announce that it is a going concern.”

“Love and War” (anonymous)

In the line a soldier’s fancy
Oft may turn to thoughts of love.
But too hard to dream of Nancy
When the whizz-bangs sing above.

Take the case of poor Bill ’Arris
Deep in love with Rosy Greet,
So forgot to grease his tootsies,
Stayed outside and got ‘trench feet.’

Then again there’s ’Arry ’Awkins*
Stopped to dream at Gordon Farm.
Got a ‘blightie’** found his Polly
Walking out on Johnson’s arm.

Plenty more of such examples
I could give, had I but time.
War on tender feelings tramples,
H.E.*** breaks up thoughts sublime.

“Don’t dream when you’re near machine guns!”
Is a thing to bear in mind.
Think of love when not between Huns,****
A sniper’s quick, and love is blind.

* Wipers Times authors do enjoy their Cockneyisms
** An injury allowing one to return to Britain
*** High explosives
**** Hello!

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