Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today -100: March 16, 1916: Of declarations of war, sniveleys, international nuisances, sailing ships, and fokkers

Austria declares war on Portugal.

US troops enter Mexico. The Army is censoring press reports, telephone and telegraph messages. In the US. They claim they can just do that.

The LAPD is quietly swearing in emergency policemen in case Mexicans in the city have any objections. The chief of police, by the way, is named Clarence Snively.

Former President Taft complains that Mexico is an “international nuisance” and that Wilson’s foreign policy has ensured that Europe will hold the US responsible for conditions in Mexico.

A reminder that some merchant shipping is still carried by sailing ships: the schooner A. J. West pulls into New York with a cargo of mahogany after a nine-month journey from the Philippines marked by typhoons (3 of them), becalmings (37 days off Mexico), and other problems that turned the 11,000 miles into 23,000. They ate a lot of turtles.

Headlines of the Day That Only Sound Dirty -100:



I see that the 3-part RTE documentary “1916” on the Easter Rising begins on KQED on the 22nd at 11 pm and presumably on other PBS stations. Following strict Irish law, it’s narrated by Liam Neeson. I’ve seen it; it’s not bad.

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