Friday, March 25, 2016

Today -100: March 25, 1916: The Hebrews are betraying us in the war

Theodore Roosevelt returns to the US after a Caribbean vacation. He refuses to to talk about politics, and then talks about politics, blaming Wilson for the situation in Mexico. But what really excites him is that he has discovered an entirely new species of bird in Trinidad, except it’s not.

The steamship SS Sussex is torpedoed off Dieppe, where it was sailing from Folkestone. An unknown number of passengers died, between 50 and 100 (the inexactitude is due to some of the rescued simply continuing with their travels without checking in with the authorities).

There’s a fight in the Russian Duma over Jews. Speaking against an interpellation opposing illegal acts against the Jews (pogroms, I guess, but the NYT is unclear), Georgy Zamyslovsky (last seen here prosecuting the “ritual murder” trial in Kiev in 1913 and who will later this year write a libelous – indeed, blood-libelous – book on the subject with a secret subsidy from the czar, and who “decorated his study with pictures of Jewish noses”) says “The Hebrews are betraying us in the war” and that the first thing the Russian army has to do when it takes a village is to get rid of all the Jews and that Jewish speculators are responsible for the high cost of living and they control a majority of the Duma and... Anyway, the Bolsheviks will execute Zamyslovsky.

That detail about the pictures of Jewish noses comes from a book on the Kiev trial, which came out 101 years after it. 101 years! What sort of help is that?

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