Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today -100: January 19, 1917: The glory of the Polish sword

Switzerland is worried that Germany is about to send troops through it into Alsace.

The US military forces occupying the Dominican Republic are now deciding who represents the country abroad, firing its ambassador to the United States, claiming it is to reduce expenses, which would be more believable if they hadn’t also just fired the chargé d’affaires in Cuba, who has been protesting the American occupation (and who refuses to accept the authority of the US to fire him).

The Polish Provisional Council (aka the puppet regime named by Germany and Austria) say they’ll get around to a constitution and elections and a king, but the first order of business is to create “a numerous, well disciplined Polish Army, true to our great chivalrous traditions and the glory of the Polish sword”. But they realize conscription for a servile army is not possible, at this time. Germany has graciously provided Poland with a viceroy, Prince Wacław Niemojowski.

New York State plans to create the country’s first prison for “feeble-minded criminals,” not counting the Texas Legislature.

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