Friday, January 27, 2017

Today -100: January 27, 1917: Of Columbian islands, seas, private dicks, and 25¢ menus

People have been suggesting in letters to the NYT possible new names for the Danish West Indies. Today, “The Columbian Islands” is offered.

Russia endorses Wilson’s peace ideas, especially giving every nation access to the seas (Russia has, after all, been trying to seize the Dardanelles Strait from Turkey).

Although private detective supreme William Burns did uncover German espionage operations by breaking into a law office, it turns out that breaking and entering and making stolen private correspondence public is illegal, and he has been fined $100.

First it was members of the Chicago Board of Health eating for 40¢ a day, then New York cops for 25¢, now Woodrow Wilson is volunteering to try a budget menu – for one day. A Eula McClary of the Life Extension Institute has drawn up the menu:

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