Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today -100: January 31, 1917: Of notes, toys, sinkings, mature women, Rodins, and unashamed New Yorkers

Germany will evidently soon send the US a reply to Wilson’s note asking it to spell out its peace terms.

Or it might be something else entirely.

Headline of the Day -100:

Including $361 for toys. This is the accounting by his mother for his trust fund, left after his father died when the Titanic sank. 

The captain of a British civilian freighter Clan Robertson receives a £1,000 reward for sinking a u-boat in the Bay of Biscay a few months ago. The reward was offered by a shipowner for every u-boat sunk by a non-military ship. The German case for treating all British ships as military vessels is looking rather more plausible.

In Britain the Speaker’s Conference, a group formed to discuss changes to the electoral laws chiefly to ensure soldiers aren’t disenfranchised, but which is now considering all aspects, including proportional representation, decides that women should get some sort of parliamentary vote but with a minimum age so that the recently depleted ranks of British manhood aren’t outnumbered by women in the electorate. They’re thinking 30 or 35. Sylvia Pankhurst protests that “Women mature, if anything, earlier than men.”

The sculptor Auguste Rodin, 76, marries. The NYT thinks he was married to someone once before, when he was 23, but this is the same woman he’s been living with without benefit of clergy since then. Rose will die in a couple of weeks, Auguste by the end of the year.

“New Yorkers can’t be shamed into joining the army.” Some women, mostly wives of army officers, set up a recruiting tent on 42nd Street, and inspire exactly zero men to join the army.

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