Friday, January 20, 2017

Today -100: January 20, 1917: But is it good for the Jews?

Gen. Pershing’s expeditionary forces in Mexico seem to be pulling out, following the failure of talks with Mexico, but no official announcement has been made.

The TNT in a munitions plant in Silvertown, near London, blows up, killing 73. Fortunately, it was in the evening, just before 7 pm, so the factory had relatively few workers, and it was also too early for people in nearby houses to have gone to bed, many of those houses losing their upper floors.

Headline of the Day -100:

Well, Jewish bankers anyway, who will be needed to aid in reconstruction. Taft may think all Jews are bankers. Anyway, he thinks Russia, Germany, Austria and Romania will definitely be treating Jews much better than they have.

World War I still lacks a name. One member of the French Chamber of Deputies, Jules Roche (a former commerce minister), suggests it be called “the German invasion.” And by “suggests” I mean he wants to impose legal penalties on anyone who calls it anything else.

Another issue of The Wipers Times, under its current nom de trench The B.E.F. Times, is out, and it has a pressing concern. The editors have heard a “terrible rumour” that whiskey will soon be na-poo*   “[A]s the sub-editor crudely puts it ‘No whiskey, no war.’”

*No more; from the French “il n’y a plus”.

An Appeal
There are various kinds of courage, there are many kinds of fear,
There are many brands of whiskey, there are many makes of beer,
There is also rum, which sometimes in our need can help us much,
But ’tis whiskey – whiskey – whiskey! hands the courage which is “Dutch.” ....

’Tis Scotland’s best which helps me rest, ’tis Mountain Dew which stays me
When Minnies* rack my wearied soul, or blatant H.E.* flays me,
’Twas by its aid that I endured Trones Wood and such-like places.
In times of stress my truest friend accelerated my paces.

*Minnies = trench mortars.
*H.E. = high explosives.

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