Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today -100: January 29, 1917: Of withdrawals, force-feedings, assassins, banned bloomers, and monkey murders

Gen. Pershing’s men are withdrawing from Mexico. Mostly on foot because they can’t use the trains without risking an attack from Pancho Villa’s bands, so not exactly returning covered in glory.

Ethel Byrne’s force-feeding meals will consist of eggs, milk and brandy. I don’t recall the British authorities trying to get suffragette hunger-strikers drunk. The Correction Commissioner Lewis says “Forcible feeding is nothing to cause so much comment.”

A military coup in Costa Rica deposes Pres. Alfredo González Flores. He’d been trying for a second term. Presidents aren’t allowed second terms, but his argument is that that doesn’t count in his case because he was selected by Congress rather than by a popular presidential vote (which is what happens under the constitution when no one wins a majority).

In Russia, the Black Hundred terrorists planned to assassinate Constitutional Democratic Party leader Pavel Milyukov. At any rate according to a man who says he was chosen to do the deed but published a confession instead.

Headline of the Day -100:

Headline of the Day -100:  

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  1. On headline No. One: So, in both WWI and WWII German authorities looked backwards on their female population rather than on the crisis of the day.

    On headline No. Two: Man, I hate it when that happens.

  2. Bloomers for victory: