Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today -100: June 14, 1917: Of air raids, glasses, and horses

German planes bomb London, killing over 100 people. All civilians, Britain will claim. It was a daytime raid and – a detail the NYT misses – the first air raid on London composed of airplanes rather than Zeppelins. One silly theory is that the Germans were trying to kill American Gen. Black Jack Pershing, currently visiting London.

The War Department has decided not to draft men with tuberculosis, but it will take men with glasses, since the outdoor life will cure them of their ocular deficiencies because that’s totally how eyes work.

The committee drawing up new election rules for Russia will give the vote to... the former czar.

Germany will start food rationing for horses. But they won’t stop horse racing, because none of the other warring countries stopped horse racing so they won’t either.

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