Saturday, June 03, 2017

Today -100: June 3, 1917: Of objectionable zitheads, parading anarchists, submarine warfare, and banned leaflets

An article in the NYT Sunday Magazine section explains the standards theoretically used by army surgeons to inspect potential recruits, but somehow I doubt that anyone is really rejected for excessive acne (because “The man must not be objectionable to his tent mates”).

Armed anarchists parade in Petrograd.

When Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare, the German people were told that it would end the war in two or three months. Well, Germans have calendars, and...

The US is considering giving every soldier and sailor free life insurance out of the goodness of its heart. $4,000.

British and French airplanes have been dropping leaflets on Belgium. The German occupation authorities impose a fine of 10,000 marks and 3 years’ imprisonment for any Belgian reading them.

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