Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today -100: June 29, 1917: Of premature news, arrests at the White House, and self-determination

Secretary of War Newton Baker is pisssssssed that the news of the arrival in France of US troops was published yesterday.

Suffragists trying to display banners to the president are now being arrested every single day. 25 so far in the last week.

Socialist members of the Austrian Parliament introduce an interpellation in favor of peace negotiations and demanding that Austria finally state its war aims. The socialists (led by Ignacy Daszynski of the Polish Social Democratic Party, who will be prime minister of Poland for a week in 1918) argue for the right of people to determine their own destinies, to which Austrian Minister-President Ernst Seidler takes exception, saying that only the emperor can determine Austrians’ destinies. The Austrian emperor.

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