Friday, June 09, 2017

Today -100: June 9, 1917: Of hysterical and unseemly appeals, yachts, overly political PJs, and driver’s licenses

Sen. Warren G. Harding (R-Ohio) in a Memorial Day speech calls the administration’s Liberty Loan appeal “hysterical and unseemly.” Sen. J. Hamilton Lewis (D-Illinois) accuses him of undermining the loan program and of telling his German constituents that the US, contrary to what Wilson is saying, is fighting the German people rather than the Hohenzollerns. Harding alludes to the remarks of a “certain gentleman” in a recent secret session of the Senate containing facts which would startle the American public, if only he were able to divulge them, “But I cannot talk of it here”.

Henry Ford donates his yacht to the government for use as a submarine chaser.

The American Red Cross rejects 37 pairs of pajamas intended for US soldiers donated by the Woman’s Political Union of Roselle, New Jersey, because they came with “Votes for Women” tags.

Prohibition will be enforced on the navy and marines too, not just the army.

A new law will require driver’s licenses in New York City for everyone who actually, you know, drives. This is purely for identification purposes – there is no driving test. Also, it seems to be a state law applying only to NYC.

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