Sunday, June 18, 2017

Today -100: June 18, 1917: Meet Countess Sofia Panina, the woman pioneer you’ve never heard of

Headline of the Day -100:

When a Frenchman has to find something nice to say about an American, but he’s just so... American.

The Russian Duma votes for starting an immediate military offensive. Why that required a secret session is unclear.

Also, the Russian government is joined by a new Assistant Minister of Social Tutelage (aka State Welfare), Countess Sofia Vladimirovna Panina of the Kadet Party, the first woman cabinet minister in any country ever. She plans for her staff to consist mostly of women. The Bolsheviks will put her on trial, and she will spend the last decades of her life in exile.

An independence movement is growing in Catalonia.

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