Friday, June 30, 2017

Today -100: June 30, 1917: Of beer and wine, dumas, and activities of a sinister German character

Woodrow Wilson intervenes in the Food Bill to prevent it banning beer and wine along with distilled spirits, although he will have the power to put such a ban in place, which he doesn’t want and won’t use.

The Russian Duma will ignore the polite request of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviet that it dissolve itself. It points to its role in getting the tsar to abdicate as proof that it is now independent of its previous position as part of the imperial regime.

The Greek government installed by the Allies breaks relations with Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey. Which is not quite declaring war, but close enough.

Arizona Gov. Thomas Campbell calls the work of IWW union activists organizing copper miners “activities of a sinister German character,” and asks the War Department to investigate.

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