Friday, April 12, 2019

Today -100: April 12, 1919: No viva

At Paris, the Powers are discussing conditions under which they could provide food to Russia. Pres. Wilson proposes offering food on the condition that a cease-fire is called. France objects to anything that might suggest recognition of the Bolshevik government and doesn’t want the Whites forced into a cease-fire even if the Bolsheviks agree to one.

Woodrow Wilson gets agreement on an amendment to the League of Nations covenant recognizing the Monroe Doctrine, which it calls a “regional understanding.” Mexico will soon point out that it doesn’t recognize or approve of the Monroe Doctrine.

Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, returns from visiting the Peace Conference as part of a labor delegation. He says the revolution in Germany wasn’t real, and the same people are still in power, which you can tell because unlike in earlier, real, revolutions, no one in the previous regime has been guillotined.

The NYT notes that the Bavarian Soviet Republic’s foreign minister, Franz Lipp (who they call Lapp) was confined to a madhouse more than once. That’s just the sort of rumor that the NYT falls for, but in this case it’s true. At one point Lipp will complain – in a letter to Lenin, no less – about the deposed government having taken the key to the foreign ministry toilet with them when they left. Also at some point he’ll declare war on Switzerland. Meanwhile, right-wingers in Munich are telling everyone that the soviet republic is the fault of the Jews.

Mexican troops lure rebel leader Emiliano Zapata into a trap – a general pretended he was ready to defect to Zapata; there was even a fake battle staged to prove the sincerity of his defection – and kill him. They take pictures of the body – which you can find on line if you’re into that sort of thing – to prove it.

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