Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Today -100: April 9, 1919: Of riots, assassins, and soviet republics

Riots in Delhi in recent days have resulted in 8 deaths. The NYT does not care to investigate the causes of the unrest.

Speaking of riots: Headline of the Day -100 (L.A. Times): 

Sponsored in the California State Senate by J.M. Inman, who also has bills lined up to prevent Japanese from leasing agricultural land (they are already banned from owning land in California) and something about picture brides (mail-order brides).

French Prime Minister Clemenceau gets Pres. Poincaré to commute the death sentence on his would-be assassin Émile Cottin, which is nice of him. Clemenceau sees no reason to renege on his anti-capital punishment views now, although he will be rather annoyed when Cottin is released after only 5 years in prison.

The German government will not recognize the Bavarian Soviet Republic, saying it was established in violation of the state constitution. 

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