Saturday, April 06, 2019

Today -100: April 6, 1919: Of expulsions, minimum wages, disorderly natives, and aerial fudds

The Allies order Austria to expel the representatives of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Austria does the, I guess, next best thing, and banishes the Hapsburgs. And frees Russian and Finnish prisoners of war and interned civilians. They still had prisoners of war?

Hungary establishes a minimum wage of $7,200 a year for intellectual workers, $5,000 for merchants, industrial workers and traders, and $3,300 for workers. The Allies have sent an envoy to investigate conditions in Hungary and what better person than Jan Smuts, a general from that well-known egalitarian utopia, South Africa?

A Bavarian Soviet/Council Republic is proclaimed in Munich. Like all good socialist states, it is headed by a poet-playwright, 25-year-old Ernst Toller. Two months ago, after Bavarian Prime Minister Kurt Eisner was assassinated, the Social Democrats unilaterally declared themselves in charge but have been unable to make it stick and are either running into exile or about to do so.

Another day, another article from someone sure the Romanovs are alive.

The director of Military Aeronautics bans the shooting of wild fowl with machine guns from airplanes, because he hates fun.

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