Sunday, April 28, 2019

Today -100: April 28, 1919: Of jollies

The Italian people used to like Woodrow Wilson. Now they don’t.

Headline of the Day -100: 

I should think it would. Actually, this is a Lt. Allington Jolly, testing an experimental plane, the Christmas Bullet, named after its inept designer, William Christmas, who once claimed to have designed a plane perfect for a secret mission to enter Germany and kidnap the kaiser. This is the second Christmas Bullet; the first also crashed on its first flight, in January, killing another pilot, one Cuthbert Mills; this post has now reached its quota of silly names. The Bullet’s wings aren’t braced because they’re designed to “flap.” Instead, they tended to just come off. Christmas later billed the government $100,000 for the design – and got it.

Speaking of killing jolly, the Salvation Army plans to buy out a bunch of bars and keep them open as soft-drink-serving bars after prohibition, keeping them as “abodes of comfort and cheer.”

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