Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Today -100: April 30, 1919: It is just one of those outrages that beggar description

A bomb is mailed to the home of former senator Thomas Hardwick (D-Georgia). Hardwick says he has no idea who the “miscreant” is. “It is just one of those outrages that beggar description,” he says, ungrammatically. It will turn out to have been retaliation for his sponsorship of last year’s immigration law aimed at deporting anarchists. The bomb blows the hands off Harding’s black maid and burns his wife badly.

Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando gets a vote of confidence from the Chamber of Deputies, 382-40 with the Socialists opposing. He says the Italian delegation can now return to the Peace Conference with increased authority. Evidently this is a rebuttal to Wilson’s attempt to appeal to the Italian people.

Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, soon to take over as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, contradicts Wilson’s policy, saying Italy should have Fiume.

German troops have surrounded Munich.

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