Thursday, April 04, 2019

Today -100: April 4, 1919: Of hurt Japanese pride and wild & crazy guys

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Gilbert Hitchcock (D-Nebraska) says Japan is just being silly at the Peace Conference in insisting on racial equality. Japan as a nation, he says, already has equal treatment, but all nations have a right to discriminate in their domestic affairs, such as immigration, interracial marriage laws, banning certain races from owning property, etc. “These discriminations may hurt Japanese pride, but they do not affect the interests of Japan as a nation.” And such discriminations are necessary to preserve racial purity and industrial standards. Japan is free to do the same, he offers.

New York Mayor John Hylan asks the Board of Aldermen to do something to stop seditious meetings of aliens speaking in funny foreign languages. Specifically, the “wild, crazy people who in every land, deluding themselves and others that they are apostles of liberty, preach murder and destruction as a quick remedy for all the economic shortcomings of the human race.”

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