Saturday, May 15, 2021

Today -100: May 15, 1921: To hell with hooch

An anti-Prohibition parade in Brooklyn is cheered by Mayor Hylan and his family as it passes his house. Placard: “To Hell With Hooch: We Want Beer.” 

Victor Daly, business manager of The Messenger, the Harlem Renaissance magazine, and his wife and mother-in-law are awarded $100 each for being refused service (after refusing to sit in the rear room) at the Pig and Whistle Restaurant in the West Village.

Oh, look, the same thing happens to Grace’s Garret in Washington Square after it refuses to serve negroes, one of them from the NAACP. I begin to suspect a campaign. The owner of the Garret insists it’s not really a public restaurant and she often refuses to serve people who seem “not to be congenial to the little group that comes to the Garret.”

A new California law bans capital punishment for people under 18 (although it’s up to them to prove their age).

Sen. Thaddeus Caraway (D-Ark) introduces a bill to ban negroes enlisting in the army or navy.

Headline of the Sunny Day -100:  

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