Sunday, May 16, 2021

Today -100: May 16, 1921: Of false mustaches, draft dodgers, fair mothers, and sun spots

Men from, presumably, the IRA, well-disguised with trench coats and false mustaches, attack houses in London and Liverpool of people connected to the Royal Irish Constabulary. A bit of arson, a bit of shooting, none of it very fatal, but it’s happening on the mainland.

Adalbert Korfanty, head of the Polish insurrection in Upper Silesia, complains that the British look on Poles as “less than negroes.”

The War Department plans to continue issuing lists of draft evaders, despite embarrassing reports every single day about people falsely included on those lists.

The Romanian police raid the Romanian Communist Congress and arrest 72 delegates, including 3 MPs, after it votes to join the Third Internationale. The cops claim the party is subsidized by Russian jewels.

Georgians are organizing to impeach Gov. Hugh Dorsey (whose term expires next month) for his pamphlet on the treatment of black people in the state. The “Guardians of Liberty” accuse him of “blackening... the character of the fairest mother ever had – Georgia.” One person attacking Dorsey is President of the state Senate Sam Olive, who says the only way to end lynching is for assault to cease.

High sun spot activity is blamed for railroad tie-ups (electrical interference with the signaling system).

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