Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Today -100: May 26, 1921: Of customs, polygamous cohabitation, and winey tennis players

The IRA burn the Dublin Custom House, as was the custom. The building has been used by the Local Government Board (rather than customs) and other government bodies for some time, and lots of important records are gone. Also the dome fell in. Reading the account, it sounds like they may just have intended to burn records but the fire got out of hand, forcing IRAers to flee the building, where they were taken prisoner.

House Speaker Frederick Gillett introduces a proposal for an Amendment to the Constitution banning polygamy and “polygamous cohabitation.” It’s aimed at.... Connecticut, evidently.

The Senate unanimously adopts an amendment to the Navy budget asking Harding to to hold a naval disarmament conference with Britain and Japan.

The German government is cracking down on Freikorps groups recruiting men to fight in Silesia.

French tennis players refuse to come to the US for the Davis Cup unless they receive assurances that they will be able to have wine.

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