Thursday, May 06, 2021

Today -100: May 6, 1921: The cost of springing forward

Adalbert Korfanty is identified as the new Polish “dictator” of Upper Silesia. Poland is pretending to be totally surprised by the uprising of Poles in Silesia – an uprising which is clearly highly organized, planned well in advance, and supported by Polish soldiers and military planes – and claims not even to be in contact with Korfanty. The new German chancellor, Constantin Fehrenbach, says Germany is ready to send in the Reichswehr if the Allies don’t stop the Polish invasion.

Bertrand Russell gets divorced, which is actually true, unlike that very premature obit two weeks ago.

Former Florida Governor (until January 1921) Sidney J. Catts is indicted by the grand jury for taking bribes in exchange for pardons. $700 for a pardon for the murderer of a deputy sheriff, allegedly.

Not sure if the NYT has simply failed to mention the proposed Sheppard–Towner maternity and infant care Bill or if I’ve just missed it, but an article today quotes a couple of doctors testifying against the bill, one saying it is demanded only by “a few women who have money to burn and time to waste,” plus socialized medicine and government control of blah blah blah.

The Connecticut House of Representatives votes to impose a $25 fine on any business with a clock displaying Daylight Saving Time, as well as officials who countenance Daylight Saving.

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