Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Today -100: May 5, 1921: Of resignations, naval holidays, forced hands, draft dodgers, and annoying notes

The German government resigns rather than receive the Allied ultimatum, but agrees to Pres. Ebert’s request to stay on temporarily. No one else wants to do it.

Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Delano Roosevelt says the US should join Britain and Japan and halt battleship-building for 5 years, and the US should scrap half its navy, preferably the obsolete half.

Polish troops march into Upper Silesia, clashing with Allied troops (although French troops don’t seem to be resisting very strenuously). Poland is afraid it won’t be given the parts of Upper Silesia that voted to join Germany rather than Poland.

The Senate Navy Committee rejects Sen. William Borah’s proposal for a disarmament conference between the US, Britain and Japan after Harding warns Congress against attempting to “force his hand.” However Harding’s insistence that the issue of disarmament is solely the province of the Executive branch is unlikely to persuade congresscritters.

The War Dept makes public its list of “draft dodgers” in New York City. The US attorney admits that the lists are not good and has to ask for the dismissal of indictments against 106 men who were not, in fact, draft dodgers. For example, some had voluntarily joined up some time after registering for the draft, others moved and were registered at more than one draft board, etc.

The losing streak for enforcement of NY State’s new prohibition law continues, with the first 5 trials in Brooklyn all resulting in acquittals.

In Jersey City a policewoman, a fireman for some reason, and a whole mob of Jerseycityhoovians capture a black man, who is sent to the pen for 90 days for... writing an annoying note to a woman.

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