Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Lo and behold

Today I got another recorded call against the recall, this time from Joe Lieberman. Who would this convince?

The State Dept calls on Israel to “avoid actions that heighten tensions.” And that was AFTER they bombed Syria. I guess the US considers bombing to be a way of releasing tensions. Hell, these days it’s the only way Ariel Sharon can... no, I won’t go there. Anyway, Israel is blaming Syria, and Arafat, natch, for a suicide bombing by a woman who had several family members recently killed by Israel. Not to justify her response, but really we don’t need to look any further for who “sent” her. (Later:) here’s Robert Fisk saying the same thing: “No one asks what these "training bases" are. Do Palestinian suicide bombers really need to practice suicide bombing? Does turning a switch need that much training? Surely the death of a brother or a cousin by the Israeli army is all the practice that is needed.” What seems to have happened is that after the threat a couple of weeks ago to expel/assassinate Arafat, this time Sharon had to do something big, or his buds would call him a weenie, so he bombed a country that had nothing to do with anything. Anyway, Shrub spoke to Sharon, and didn’t criticize the bombing of Syria. (Later:) and said something nonsensical about Israel protecting “the homeland.”

www.awfulplasticsurgery.com. (Views right only in Internet Explorer). Go snicker at celebrities.

I suppose we could always just try to derive what amusement we can from Governor Terminator’s accent. Today he was campaigning in Huntington “Beetch”, saying how much he liked “beetches.” Yup, that’s what I keep reading.

Exsscellent: An Italian tv poll shows PM Berlusconi to be the person Italians are most sick of. I wouldn’t ordinarily mention this, but there’s a great picture of him looking like Montgomery Burns’s younger but just as evil brother, here.

France has launched a campaign against noise pollution, with police given the power to confiscate noisy scooters and motorbikes, and so on. Yappy little dogs will remain sacrosanct, of course.

Colin Powell has an op-ed piece in the WashPost trying to spin the Kay report. He even uses the phrase “Lo and behold”. The Bushies are making an awfully big deal about some botulism left in a scientist’s refrigerator for a decade and evidently forgotten by the government. First, (insert pathetically obvious joke about the state of my own refrigerator here), second, knowing what we do about the reliability of the Iraqi power grid even before we bombed the crap out of it, how good could it be, 3rd, whether this is serious would depend on exactly what strain it was. Oh, I could debunk the rest of Powell’s article point by point, but why bother?

Congress finally decides not to build quite so many prisons. In Iraq. It also deleted Bush’s $153m. budget request for garbage trucks at $50,000 each. When you’re through wondering why Iraq would need $50,000 garbage trucks, do the math on how many of them. Also, no money to establish ZIP codes ($13m).

A Schwarzenegger rally drew 10,000 people, a Davis one 35. Said one D. Party spin doctor, yeah but he doesn’t draw as big a crowd as Hitler did.

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